Get ready to lift off with AeroSpace

We were changed lots of things on yield farming world. Aerospace with $GALAXY token offers unique features.


Liquidity Farming

You can farm liquidity tokens with just holding $GALAXY-BNB Reflect LP token on your wallet. You will be rewarded by transaction fees.


Holder Rewards

The transaction fees taken by transactions will be distributed to the $GALAXY holders automatically. You just have to hold $GALAXY on your wallet.


Anti Whale & Bot System

We were implemented an anti bot system to protect investors from bot sales and dumps. There is a short-term harvest interval on farms.


Partnership Process

Aerospace Finance has unique token publishing and startup program named Lift Offs. You can participate to projects with $GALAXY.


Price Defender

Our auto buyback & burn mechanism protects the price. It creates a price floors and won't let price dump with buyying more $GALAXY automatically.



Aerospace Finance has unique airdrop system which will distributes fees taken by deposits to the $GALAXY holders weekly.


About Aerospace Finance

Aerospace Finance is a brand new DeFi to the DeFi world with unique features like price dump protections, deflectionary token, reflection liquidity tokens and anti bot systems and more.

$GALAXY is a main farming token of Aerospace Finance which is limited supply and reflection system like SAFEMOON. But also $GALAXY is the improved version of SAFEMOON.

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$GALAXY Presale

Take your seats before the yield farming lift off begins! Buy $PREGALAXY now and swap for $GALAXY with 1:1 ratio at the beginning of space farms.

Presale Start Date :

Aug 23, 2021 (Mon 00:00 GMT)

Presale Ending Date :

Aug 28, 2021 (Mon 00:00 GMT)

$GALAXY exchange rate

1 BNB = 35000 $GALAXY

Token Type :


Total tokens at presale :

35,000,000 $GALAXY

Acceptable Currency :



The roadmap of our lift off dates. Prepare yourselves for lift off to the MOON with Aerospace Finance and $GALAXY token!

Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

Yield farming is a earning program that works mainly with $GALAXY token investment. You have to stake your tokens to earn much more $Galaxy and other tokens like $BNB.
When a yield farms begins, the APR rates will be very high and if you invest early you will earn much more. You have to buy $GALAXY token before presale ends to get ready for farming.
Aerospace Finance is a DeFi project, and DeFi projects uses liquidity pool algorithm to proceeds the market. So you have to put equivalent $GALAXY and $BNB to get LP tokens. USD values of the both tokens needs to equal to get merged.
Aerospace Finance has a unique reflect liquidity system. You can reflect your Pancakeswap LP token with our Reflect LP token with a 1:1 ratio to earn more LP tokens with just holding on your wallet.
A token presale occurs prior to an ICO launch. In a presale, the startup offers up tokens while they are still under development before they are available to the general public.
There is a buy option on our homepage to buy $PREGALAXY token with your BNBs only. You can swap through our secure smart contracts to get your token.
After the presale ends, you will have 2 days before to start farming. To stake on farms you have to swap your presale tokens to our farm token $GALAXY with 1:1 ratio. You can find the section to swap your presale tokens in our dApp.
No. We won't get back our presale tokens if everything is going well. You have to wait for the presale ends and swap for real $GALAXY token to sell your tokens.
$GALAXY is a main farm token of Aerospace Finance project. $GALAXYS is also BEP-20 token which works only on Binance Smart Chain.
Reflection is a token distribution to the holders by holding their token on their own wallets. These tokens are taken from the transfer fees and deposit taxes. Some of these taxes will gonna burn and others will distributed to the holders.
Yes. $GALAXY is a deflectionary token. It has a limited supply and huge amount of total supply is burnt at the beginning. You can find much more detailed information at our docs.
Yes. We are using same token forks used at SAFEMOON and Pancakeswap which are very trusted tokens on Binance Smart Chain network. You can check our audit reports and smart contracts by yourself.