Get ready to lift off with AeroSpace

We were changed lots of things on yield farming world. Aerospace with $GALAXY token offers unique features.


Index Strategies

Aerospace Finance offers index strategy tokens to let users to create their own indexes and earn fees from these indexes.


Auto Farming

Galaxy farms offers auto-compounding feature by default. You can maximize your earnings without manually compound needed.


Prediction Battle

Aerospace Finance has a feature that users can predict the price on next candle. They can bet with long/short options to earn me $GALAXY.



Aerospace Finance offers options for buying tokens with discounted price. These options includes a vesting period.


Time-based Staking

Aerospace Finance has a unique time based staking system which offers higher APYs on high vested pools.



Aerospace Finance offers borrowing system which users vests their colleterals to borrow the tokens they want.


Metaverse Banking

Aerospace Finance offers banking system in metaverse projects, users can use $GALAXY for their purchases.


NFT Staking

In Aerospace Finance farms users can stake selected NFT collections to earn $GALAXY in return.


NFT Gaming

GameFi will be developed and users can earn NFT and $GALAXY, stake it with higher APY.


About Aerospace Finance

Aerospace Finance offers a brand new Indexing algorithms for cryptocurrencies. Users can join the indexes by minting them by their own also they can farm to maximize their earnings with indexes.

$GALAXY is main token for Aerospace Finance. $GALAXY is used for staking into farms, creating & joining crypto indexes, time-based stakings, prediction battle games.

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$GALAXY Lift off

Take your seats and get ready for lift off. Aerospace Finance offers index tokens, farms with great yield, time based stakings and much more.

Publishing Date:

July 28, 2022 (Tue 00:00 GMT)

IFO Date :

Will be announced

Starting Price

1 $GALAXY = 0.01$

Token Type :


Main Network :

Boba Network

Supported Networks :

Binance Smart Chain


The roadmap of our lift off dates. Prepare yourselves for lift off to the MOON with Aerospace Finance and $GALAXY token!

Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

Index Strategies allow users to buy indexed tokens with a simple one transaction. Users can mint/buy/sell/redeem index tokens with their choices. Index token price will be calculated by the value of tokens in the index.
Its simply done by our DApp, you have to provide same ratio tokens in the index to mint a new index token. Also you can zap your any currency to get new index tokens without approving everything.
All Index Strategy Tokens has a tax lower than %0.1. These taxes will be distributed to Index owner and used for buy-back & burn $GALAXY.
We will allow our users to create their own index strategys and let them earn fees from this index token mintings/sales. It can be simply done by visiting Index Strategies tab on our DApp.
There is not any technical knowledge required. You just have to add minimum ratio of $GALAXY token on Index. Also you have to spend some $GALAXY to deploy this strategy.
Every index token transfers will be taxed by a minimal transaction fee. These fees will be distributed to the strategy owner and a portion of fee will be used for buy-back & burn $GALAXY.
Options allows users to buy $GALAXY tokens with discounted market price but with vested time. For example you can buy $GALAXY with %3 discounted price and for 14 days vested.
No. When you created your option contract, you wont be able to cancel it. You have to wait until your vesting period ends to claim your $GALAXYies.
Yes. Maximum amount users can claim from options is limited. You can track the limits of Option contracts from the options tab.
There is only standard transaction taxes applied on transfers at options contract. There is no additional fees applied.
$GALAXY is a main token of Aerospace Finance ecosystem. $GALAXYS is ERC-20 token at Boba Network. There are another representations of $GALAXY on other chains.
$GALAXY has to be paid as a fee for almost every products on Aerospace Finance, such as index tokens, option contracts and much more.
Yes. We supposed to control inflation by burning with auto-burn mechanisms and decreasing the emission rate of minting new $GALAXYies in every blocks.
Yes. $GALAXY token is using standart ERC-20 implementation with transfer taxation.